Thursday, July 31, 2008

Girl Scout Vests

Thalia and Annabeth received several badges and Try-Its last spring at Court of Awards. We just put them in a pile and forgot about them for most of the summer.

We're starting to get emails, though, about organizing the 2008-2009 troop activities, so I thought it was time to get them sewn on the vests.

Thalia is "finished" with this vest -- she has bridged to Cadettes, so she won't be earning any more of these Junior badges to put on this green vest. As a matter of fact, she won't wear this vest anymore. It's pretty full:

Annabeth has another year of Brownies in which to earn Try-Its. Her vest is pretty full already, too:

The problem is that she has a size small vest since she's so tiny. And the small vests don't have that much room to sew the patches on.

(The official Try-It patches belong on the front of the vest. The back of the vest is for "fun patches". Frankly, the back of her vest is pretty full, too.)

That bead thing hanging down on the front of Annabeth's vest isn't official Girl Scout regalia. It's something the Brownies made this year to help them remember the Girl Scout Law. The beads have letters on them that remind the girls to be "honest and fair, friendly and helpful" etc. etc.