Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Random slice of December sewing -- circle skirts

This year most of our December was sucked away by White Christmas performances.    Annabeth was Susan, and this version of Susan is heavily into circle skirts, mostly because circle skirts are just a matter of math. 

Version 1 was some doubleknit red plaid (Susan apparently loves plaid, or maybe that's Susan's seamstress) that I found for $1.39 a yard at Hancock.  Bonus on using a knit -- no need to actually hem!
In the show she wore white tights and ballet flats.  She wore this with a red sweater with 3/4 sleeves, found at Goodwill, and a black cardigan, also 3/4 sleeved, from H&M.  The leggings-barefoot look is how she wears it around the house now that the show is over.

Version 2 was pink plaid wool-poly blend from JoAnn super-discount area, seen here in the green room:

I actually hemmed this one.

Then more of the $1.39 knit, but this time in green, and with a bodice added to make a jumper.  I used the bodice of a Simplicity pattern, but made it into princess seams, made the neck a V, and added those little belty things at the waist, which are bias cut mostly because I think bias cut plaid looks snappy.  Using knit fabric meant I could skip facing the sleeves and neck -- I just folded them over and stitched them down.  Again, no hemming.   People loved this jumper, which is sort of funny considering it was slapped together from cheap fabric and worn over a Goodwill blouse.

If you're familiar with the stage version of the show you know that Susan has a bigger role than the movie,  including a solo.  It's still sort of mind-boggling that she had so many costume changes.  Still more to come.