Friday, June 28, 2013

Coming Up for Air

It's June, which means we're in the middle of Shakespeare camp.  Last year I made a boatload of costumes for this occasion.  One would think with all of the sewing we did last year we wouldn't need many new items, right?  Except that the director doesn't want people wearing the exact thing they wore last year, some of the kids outgrew last year's costumes, they're doing As You Like It which means  Rosalind and Celia need "disguises" ... blah blah blah, much sewing ensues.

Silvius needed a new shirt and pants, Oliver needed new pants, Amiens needed a new vest, Phoebe needed a new skirt, top and vest, Rosalind needed a shirt and some "girl" clothes, the Duke needed pants (still no clue what happened to the pants from last year).  And Touchstone also got a revamp:

(She's wearing it over a red leotard and sporting cat whiskers because she'd just done a few scenes as the Cat in Seussical.  Also, she should be wearing tights and shoes, but it was about 100F and she was doing a quick change on the lawn. Also, it's weird that Touchstone is played by a girl, but she's probably the best in the cast for the part.)  Shirt is Kwik Sew 3274, lengthened a random amount.  Great pattern.  Vest is Simplicity 1786, which is a Learn to Sew -- super pattern for a beginner.  The knickers are from  McCall's 6143.  All fabrics scavenged from the backstage department.

More later.  Performance tomorrow, and I need to clean the house for the cast party.