Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

What I'm actually doing today is trying to pick up enough crap in the dining room/sewing room so I can sweep it, since the bits of thread and fabric have reached about ankle depth.  Here are some of the things I've accomplished in the past week while sewing way more than a person should in such a non-ergonomically correct environment.

Verges/Oatcake's shirt.  This has a pair of lavender stretch capris that go with it.  Or violently clash with it, as the case may be.  The top is product of an old OOP tunic pattern, McCall's 7518 that I narrowed down so much she can barely wiggle into it. 

This is for another member of the watch, based on Simplicity 2689, which is a very cute pattern, by the way.  She has brown linen short pants that tie below the knee.

Leonora's skirt.  We had more girls than boys, so we have Leonora rather than Leonato.  This is 2 layers.  The top layer of pink is godawful to work with.  We have yards and yards of it left, and I plan to pitch it in the trash so no one makes the mistake of trying to sew it again.

Leonora's bodice.  It needs something pink to balance it with the skirt.  It goes over a shirt ... I made 3 ladies shirts, and apparently took no pictures of them.  Anyway, this is based off of Simplicity 3782, and has the little peplum-tabs around the waist.  It laces up the back, which is why there's a pink ribbon hanging down from the back.  It will probably look horrendous on since the student was supposed to email her measurements (she was out of town), and sent numbers to me that were flights of fancy.  Really.  She said her waist was 35 inches, and we tried this bodice on and it was HUGE.  So I took a tape measure and measured her waist as about 30 inches.  "Oh, I guess we measured about here," she said, pointing to a place that was vaguely midway between her waist and hips.  Gah.  A high school student who doesn't know where her waist is.  I'm pretty sure her bust measurement was equally off.  I sort of want to stab her with my scissors.

Hero's skirt.  On layer, with the cream stuff sewn in to look as though it's two layers.  

Hero's bodice.  Same pattern,  except done to the correct measurements.

I didn't get any photos yet of Beatrice's outfit.  I hope to get more photos on Saturday during the play.

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