Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

Just taking a quick break from sewing to show a few things....

Dogberry's tunic.  He'll have blue short pants to go with this. Simplicity 3519, size XL.  He's actually an XXL, but this thing is HUGE with all of these gathers, so it fits fine. 

Don Pedro's shirt.  He'll also have black pants and a long blue striped vest.  Simplicity 4923 in size M, which I hope isn't too big for him -- again, it looks HUGE.  Also, I was sort of startled that the front was shorter than the back, but someone with a clue explained that was fairly typical back in the day. 

Ursula's or Margaret's top.  There's another one of these awaiting the official elastic-threader (Annabeth) to get home from rehearsal.  This is a modified version of Simplicity 3809, much of the modification being to make it less slutty-looking.

Cutting out Verges/Oatcake's tunic (the 2 roles have been combined into 1).  Dogberry is the biggest person in the cast, and Verges is the smallest; we're dressing them to emphasize the discrepancy.  This is McCall's 7518, which is probably OOP since I purchased it sometime around 1994.

Random photo of trying to get musty smell out of fabric by hanging it over chairs and playground equipment.  This particular piece has already been soaked in vinegar water, then washed with Borax and rinsed with vinegar water.  It was making our noses run to be anywhere near it.  Maybe now someone can stand to be in the same room as it.

Okay, back to work.

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