Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Drive-By Blogging

Sometimes I think I should really "catch up" here.  I thought maybe at this point I should start with current stuff and move backwards.

But just throwing out some random events seems more to the point.  So I scrolled through the photos from the past year ... and discovered that we really don't take and upload that many pictures any more.  Anyway, here's an assortment of things that caught my eye from the last 12 months.

Annabeth went to homeschool prom, which is open to all high schoolers.  I made her dress.

I also made the dress she wore as Blanche Ingram in the musical version of Jane Eyre (the fabric for both dresses was purchased in one shopping trip, which was a LOT of fabric).

Thalia is in Britain for a semester.  We went to visit her, and we all went to Paris, where we visited the Eiffel Tower and waited a really long time for this guy to move so we could take photos from this corner (after a while we were waiting just to see how long he was going to spend taking pictures of every. single. building.).

Annabeth and I started making doll clothes.  

At first we did it for a silent auction to raise money for a charity, but then we decided to try a craft show.  We're considering continuing with this.

Probably more on some of these subjects later.  Or not.