Tuesday, June 5, 2012


1.  Took Thalia to catch a bus to go to Florida with her choir.  It left at 8am Saturday, so they had to be there to load the bus at 7am.  They'll sing at 4 places, visit Universal, go to Fort Myers -- quite a whirlwind.

2. Took Annabeth to the mall to shop for a birthday present for a party Saturday afternoon.  Then home to have lunch and wrap gifts, then off to the party.  Except I got sick really suddenly -- one minute I was fine, the next I had a brutal headache and was running for the bathroom.  Weird.  I took her to the party, and another mom offered to bring her home.

3. Spent most of the day and the next morning not doing much more than drinking ginger ale.

4. Rick and Annabeth went to the swimming pool late Sunday afternoon, which was apparently really cold due to the swing back to cool temperatures this past week.  When they got home they decided they wanted a fire.  So we rounded up hotdogs, marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate bars, and all hung out in the backyard. 

Since it was so nice out, we took the rodent's playpen outside and set it up.

 Then we added rodents.

A good time was had by all.


Ami said...

Aww how sweet, you took your ratties on a picnic!!!

Hope you're feeling fine now...

hornblower said...

oh I love the ratty playpen outside! Great idea. If it ever stops raining here we'll have to try that with Amelia's 3 boys. They're really nervous scaredy guys so I wonder what they'll make of the big wide world.... and GRASS. OMG. I imagine grass will be scary..... LOL