Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday, Shakespeare Edition

So far I've got a lady's blouse (Simplicity 3809)

a lower class man's shirt (Simplicity 3519)

a serving maid's skirt hung over the back of a chair, which is why it looks wonky (Simplicity 3623).

Of course, the cat is visible at the top of that skirt picture.  Because she's my constant companion, helping me, for example,  to figure out how much fabric I have vs. how much I need

We need at least 7 skirts, plus assorted overskirts and vests for the women.  Plus we need to clothe at least 5 guys.  Each shirt and each skirt takes about 3.5 to 4 yards of fabric.  WE NEED MORE FABRIC!  Aaaaaaargh!  Sooooo much fabric.  Especially white.

Okay, gotta go to auditions.  I'm toting this stuff along to show what it looks like so far, and what the size mediums come out to be.  Because we don't even know the sizes of the various characters yet, other than Don Pedro, who will be played by a professional actor.

Coming up:  where we're getting a lot of the fabric.  It's a great resource for any seamstresses in the area wanting to make things for charity (eg, Girl Scout troops, youth groups, theater groups).

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