Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some Recent Stuff

- GRADUATIONS.  We've attended 2 homeschool graduations, and skipped a third.

And there's at least one more next week, although we're not planning to attend it.  Todd Aiken was at one of the graduations.  His son, Perry, spoke at it.  Wow, Perry Aiken is really an excellent speaker, whether you agree with his views or not.  Too bad I forgot my camera for that one.

- THEATER.  Thalia's theater class put on And Then There Were None. It was the best set of the year.  It's a shame I forgot my camera, and no one has posted any set-only pictures on Facebook. Annabeth was stage manager. The play itself was mediocre, by the way.  But the technical theater kids (and their adult director) did a great job.

- RELATIVES.  A nephew came over to work on his resume and do some practice interviewing for his apres-college-graduation job search.  The day before he came another boxelder tree branch fell from that same tree.  So he also spent time chopping up a 30 foot tree branch, plus trimming other trees in the yard, digging out a yew, planting a new yew, and sharpening anything sharpen-able on the grinder we'd forgotten we got from my Dad (he sharpened his hatchet so much that it sliced through the case when he put it away).  And going to see The Avengers with us (our second time to see it).

- SEWING.  I went to Sharity Charity with the Shakespeare Camp director to find some Shakespeare-type fabric.  They've decided to make costumes this year instead of borrowing.  So I came home with several pounds of fabric, most of which smells musty, some of which smelled like cigarette smoke.  I've been throwing it in the washer if it looks even vaguely washable.  And hanging it out in the fresh air.

- BIRTHDAY.  A neighbor had a birthday party that we attended.  She used a lot of ideas from Pinterest.  It's fun to see ideas come to life from a Pin Board.  I'd include pictures of some of the adorableness, but that would invade her privacy.  Also, I forgot my camera.

Probably other stuff has gone on, but that's what I remember off the top of my head.

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Ami said...

I'm glad to hear from you, actually. I woke up this morning (not kidding) and went, 'hm, haven't heard from Gail on her blog or mine for what seems like months... hope all is well.'

And there you are!