Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

Earlier this week I was seized by an urge to sew a sleeveless top.  Also, I wanted it to be woven.  Perhaps it was some subconscious memory of last summer when so many sewists made the Sorbetto top from Colette Patterns.  Really, if you type "colette sorbetto" into a Google image search you'll find dozens of the things.  Same with typing that search into Flickr.  

So, obviously, I downloaded the pattern, printed it out, went downstairs to poke around in the fabric, and found a box of fabric from my sister in which I discovered a lightweight seersucker which would be perfect for summer pajamas. The "pajama" idea is my fallback position if this turns out to be something I'd rather not wear in public, by the way.  Plenty of fabric is left to make jammy shorts.

The light streak is from sunlight streaming through the window.  Let's pretend that's an artsy element, okay?

Next, a trip to the store to purchase some single fold bias tape (and witness a very long, angst-filled session at the check out when the person in front of me didn't have her tax-exempt status paperwork nor was it on file, and all I wanted to do was purchase a $2 pack of bias tape, for pete's sake -- I was  starting to think I should pay her sales tax myself, which I estimated to be less than $3 on the jewelry beads she was purchasing for who-knows-what tax-exempt purpose).   That trip will probably end up to be the most significant time-suck of this entire project.  Also the most expensive, since other than printer ink and paper, plus thread purchased in bulk on sale months ago, the bias tape is the only thing I'm purchasing.

If this works I'll be churning these out as the weather heats up.  Onward!

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