Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Co-op Science Week 30

We spent first half of the class making our posters proclaiming that we are "3rd-5th" "SCIENCE" "CLASS".  Three separate posters, one of which had the option for drawing "whatever you want ... but remember that your parents and younger siblings will see this."

"I draw mice with machine guns all the time." I just rolled my eyes at that one.

I apparently should've specified that it was inappropriate to draw a picture of a classmate, complete with name label, that showed her being shot with a cannon.  Even if you apparently have a crush on that little girl (because, yeah, we all figured it out).

Then we went down to the display area where I hung up the posters over our table.  Then handed out spaghetti and mini marshmallows for a reprise of the engineering challenge I showed a picture of here.  Three of the kids hadn't done this before, having joined the class after Christmas.  It was satisfying to be able to show off the creations this time.

No pictures since the kids' name were plastered all over everything -- the posters, the marshmallow-spaghetti creations, and all the other little bits I'd saved this semester (clay boats, booklet on making soda, etc.).

We had an Open House that evening, displaying all of the things all the co-op has done this year.

And now WE ARE DONE!

Coming up next year:  I'll be teaching middle school earth science.

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Freakmom said...

We really need more science around here. Wish I could ship Violet there for your earth science class next year. She'd love it. But it wouldn't be economical. :-D