Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Random Bits

Rick was gone over the weekend. Those of us at home worked on taking Christmas decorations down, but were distracted by a Star Trek movie marathon on Syfy. Thalia and Annabeth have now see Wrath of Khan, thank goodness -- I'd hate to think they went through life not understanding what people mean when they shout KHHAAAAANNN.

Also, Thalia made cookies with the leftover Christmas M&Ms (much batter was consumed during the Star Trek movies). She decided she didn't like the way the finished cookies tasted, though (too sweet), and spent Monday getting rid of them, giving them to various people. We also broke out the Easy Bake Oven and Annabeth made cakes from scratch. They were blue, and used various Cake Pop decorations.

Tuesday was a snow day (Thalia's babysitting job and learning center classes were cancelled, as were local schools). Thalia was the first person down The Neighborhood Hill in a sled -- very cool to see the powdery snow flying up around her as she went down. I spent the day shoveling our driveway, the 90 year old neighbors' driveway (although the wife caught me at it and insisted I not do the entire pad in the back since she thought I'd hurt my back) and the driveway of woman on the corner who has a bad back. Wow, I was so tired I could barely think after all of that. So I took a hot shower, took some Repair enzymes, and went to bed. And this morning have not even a twinge of sore muscles, so that's pretty cool.

Now, though, I must make up for my refusal to do anything mentally taxing last night -- time to grade all of the geometry homework Thalia cranked out on her day off. And clean up the Ooblek-type polymers Annbeth left on foil on the counter after working on a science badge for Girl Scouts.

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