Saturday, August 6, 2011

One Short Day in the Emerald City

Miss Gultch being mean:

(Remember, clicking on a picture enlarges it.)

Cutest Munchkin of the batch:

The gang:

The Wicked Witch spying on them as they walk through the woods:

Poppies. Toto had issues with the scene -- in rehearsal he would play dead for about 5 seconds, but during the performance it was all too exciting. Dorothy managed to keep a firm grip on her/him though (plenty of lifetime practice with cranky cats that don't want to be held).

Emerald City:

Afterwards lots of people wanted pictures taken with Dorothy or the Wicked Witch. As it got later, Dorothy started to drift to the dark side.

Possible Christmas card photo:

Whew -- hard to believe it's all over!


Ami said...

I think that last photo should be your Christmas card!


KPCL Girl said...

Now you KNOW I enjoyed these photos... :-)

Trish said...

The Dorothy dress is wonderful! So will the girls be wearing these costumes for halloween??? Thanks again for letting me know about the show, I can never get enough of The WIZARD OF OZ!!