Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bento Fail

This sounded like an okay idea on the surface:  Trader Joe's orange chicken, rice, some orange pepper and green onion, diced apples, Goldfish for Annabeth and some sort of Hapi sesame crackers for Thalia. Thalia and I had nori faces on our pumpkins full of rice; Annabeth had a little heart shape (which looks like a belly button).  Lots of seasonal interest, right?

But, alas, the food markers wouldn't draw on the orange pepper I'd cut out in pumpkin shapes.  I'm about ready to give up on the Wilton food markers, as this is week 2 of disappointing results.  And I was out of sushi rice so I used regular white rice which, since each grain was separate, sort of swirled around all over the bentos as the boxes were jostled in transport; my jack-o-lantern face ended up stuck to the inside top of the box by lunchtime, and I had rice in the apple chunks.  And the sesame crackers ended up soggy from the apple chunks and flying rice, although they turned out to be stale and disgusting anyway.


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Bridgett said...

I have lived this sort of fail before with bentos!