Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Random Snippet of Life

I've been sick with a cold.  The sort of cold that has your nose running and your eyes leaking ... overall, much liquid coming out of my face.  And much need to sleep.

Nothing incredibly serious as far as an illness goes, but it really sapped all my energy.  I've spent most of my time lately taking naps, and cruising the Well Trained Mind forums participating in vital discussions like "what song is going through your head right now".

So last night I was sleeping pretty soundly, having a rather noisy dream that somehow involved lots of crashing and booming and huge quantities of rocks going through plexiglass tubing.  All that noise subsided, replaced with a droning.  And then Rick woke me up by saying, "that's the tornado siren." Which I thought was pretty stupid, because the sirens are SUPPOSED to be tested on the first Monday of the month, so it was pretty silly to test them in the middle of the night, right?

But I went out in the hall to tell the kids, who were already gathering blankets and heading to the basement.  The cat came slinking out from under the bed and ran down with them, at which point it occurred to me that all the noise I'd thought I'd dreamt was actually a thunder storm and hail storm combo. And that the tornado siren was on because someone or other thought we might have a tornado forming.

Down to the basement, television on, we watched the storm pass quickly on the radar.  Then back up to bed, but couldn't get to sleep right away.  Rick suddenly got up, ran to the bathroom, and threw up.  Back to bed, more hail.  I must've dozed off eventually, because the other cat appeared on my nightstand meowing loudly at about 6:45am.

So.  I seem to be over my cold, although I think I could use another nap simply due to lack of sleep last night.  We're hoping Rick just has that 24 hour stomach bug that's been going around (as opposed to something more grandiose).  And that none of the rest of us get it.  Because it would be nice to have a day or two of predictable weather AND no one sick.

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kitten said...

I'm glad you feel better and the storm passed through fast. Our Tornado threats were all around us the other night, but thankfully we only got rain and high winds.