Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Some Things Going on Here

-- Annie is in tech week.  Annabeth is in the show, Thalia is in the crew.  So they're at the theater pretty much every night this week.

-- Twelve aprons for Daddy Warbuck's maids are done.  Still working on the 12 caps for the same group.

-- Much white thread has been used at our house in the past couple of weeks.  Also, myriad little scraps of white fabric are all over everything.

-- I've taken some pictures of this extravaganza, so perhaps I can someday do a post on how to do an assembly line of aprons.

-- Plus Thalia made the curtains for Miss Hannigan's office.  The Tech person kept saying she could work on them there, but she said she'd rather do it at home where we had decent scissors and a serger.

-- Annabeth auditioned for Muny Kids.  Didn't make it.  Probably just as well, since Thalia didn't get in to Muny Teens.  Or maybe not.  Who knows.

-- Teaching a group of 8-10 year olds about chemical reactions.  Egads, it was really cool stuff, and a couple of them were acting like total jerks just for the sake of being total jerks.  I finally got down to eye level with one of them and said, "You're not going to ruin this for the entire class.  If you keep acting like that, I know where your mother is, and you're going to go sit quietly with her.  Got it?" with a strong indication that this went for Jerk #2 also (although I wasn't absolutely sure where his mother was at that moment).  After that things went marginally better.  It helps to know that the mothers will NOT make excuses for their kids' behavior, and have high expectations for Paying Attention to Adults.

-- Thalia is leaving for the Dominican Republic in a few days.  She needs to start the anti-malaria pills soon.  It's the sort of trip where she's supposed to take along all of her bedding -- not exactly luxury accommodations.  And steel-toed boots.  And other stuff -- sheesh, I hope we have it all.

-- They've talked for months about how warm it is down there, expect to feel very hot because you're not used to it, blah blah blah.  Except with the warm spell we're having right now, it's about the same as what's going on here.

-- After we finish the maid caps I need to alter some clothes for her to take along.  Very strict rules about what types of clothing is allowed.  They're not to be the chicas that everyone is gawking at.  No shorts, for example.

-- Plus we're doing that school thing we do here.

-- Rick went to Italy and Germany.  I don't think I mentioned that.  It all sort of slides by these days like one giant montage of busy-ness.

-- Girl Scout cookies are being delivered.  Fortunately we didn't sell as many this year ("we" being Annabeth).  One customer called before the cookies were even available at Council to ask why we hadn't delivered them yet -- total cookie panic.  Really.  It was weird.  Another called a couple of days after we'd gotten our order -- she'd ordered a huge amount and wanted them on hand for when her son got back from a big swim meet, which sort of made sense. Anyway, we only have a couple of more orders to deliver.  Special thanks to all who have been patient and didn't think the world would end if their cookies weren't delivered immediately.

-- And some other stuff I don't recall at the moment.

-- More later.

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