Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shaking off ennui

Blogging ennui has struck.

For a while there my life looked like this:

Cats to vet for annual checkup.
Dental checkups.
Car oil change.

While it's nice to get all of that stuff done, it's not the sort of thing that sparks some deep desire to share, or even to make notes for my future self.

Then it was time to start getting things organized for the next school year.  This involved quite a bit of time writing emails about who needed to do what when.  I was writing more than I would if I'd been blogging daily, but it was pretty boring stuff other than for the exact people involved at that exact moment.  And overall left me with no desire to spend time writing anything else.

This week we're starting to get back to "real life".  Local public and private schools are starting.  Co-op begins this week, and I'll be teaching middle school science, and helping with the sewing class.  Some of the local universities are starting back up, including the one where Thalia is taking 2 classes as a dual-enrollment student.  Plus there's the entire list of extras the kids are interested in -- voice, dance, acting, tech theatre, Scouts, choir, etc. -- and figuring out whether or not we can fit those things in.

So, interesting things are happening.  Or, at least, I think they're going to happen.  Actually, at the moment I'm just waiting for a service call because the inground sprinkler system has had it's annual crap-out, forming a large puddle over one of the inground control boxes (yes, in the middle of a drought we had a swamp forming in our yard).  They gave me a 2 hour window during which the service person might show up to fix it.  (We're half way through that window now, by the way.)

Anyway, more to come, some of it about homeschool.

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