Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Long Weekend

We're having hardwood flooring put in our bedroom later this week.  Much of current life revolves around that.

We'd already ripped up the carpet, ripped up and disposed of the padding. removed all of the staple (Annabeth is in charge of that) and the tack strips, screwed down the floor so it doesn't squeak, then put the carpet back over the subfloor so we could still live in the room.  Also, ripped out the woodwork.

This weekend Rick repainted the woodwork, and we started emptying the room.  Also, tried to figure out what to put on the bottom of various pieces of furniture once it's placed on the floor.  And lugged 17 boxes of hardwood up the stairs to our room so it can acclimate more, since the temperature and humidity of the living room is different than our room.

We've hired out the actually laying-of-the-floor.  It's the same company that did most of the rest of the house.

When not engaged in that, we:

1. Went swimming one last time at the public pool before it closed for the season.  Had to wait for a break in the rain for that one.

2. Watched movies.

3. Dealt with a rat with injured toe nails.  Rats bleed a lot when they have foot injuries.  Like, really, really, really A LOT.  And when someone hands you the bleeding rat while they run to get some first aid items, and the rat starts crawling all over you while you're trying to hold it still to see what's wrong, well, you can pretty much say goodbye to whatever you're wearing.

Also, for a toe injury you need styptic powder.  But if you don't have actual styptic powder, you can use cornstarch.  Which, if you're me, you bought last year for science class and kept the rest of because it might come in handy.  Apparently flour also works.

4.  Bought some fabric and made a new top.  Happened to change out of it into an old tshirt before the rat injured herself.

5. The kids rolled change.  $204 worth.  Annabeth gets a 10 percent cut, and the rest goes to Thalia for her trip to the Dominican Republic next year.

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