Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas crafting

In spite of the busy-ness of preparing for White Christmas, we managed to put together a few handmade Christmas gifts.

I made a moebius scarf for Thalia.  Since it was truly infinite, being a moebius,  I thought Tardis blue was appropriate.

I got some Sherlock-themed fabric from Spoonflower, and made both girls regular infinity scarves:

I also got ratty knit fabric from Spoonflower, and made a skirt for Annabeth:

Continuing to celebrate Annabeth's role of Theda the Turtle back in October, Thalia got a purse from Goodwill and stenciled a design on it for Annabeth.  She cut the stencil herself. 

And my personal favorite -- the combo of this quote (Loki in The Avengers) and the picture of Theda makes me giggle:

Thalia also cut stencils of Sherlock and John to decorate another Goodwill purse

More Christmas gifts that celebrated Legend of Sleeping Beauty -- Christmas ornaments were in their stockings from Santa:

And Santa also left a giant stuffed sea turtle, shown here with the turtle ornament on its back:

It's worth noting that the role of Theda the Turtle was a small role in a musical that wasn't that big of deal, but one day we decided (or else we realized) that Theda is THE role in ALL the musicals.   Coincidentally, people were coming up to Annabeth after White Christmas and asking if she was the one who played the turtle -- they get it!  That Theda is really meant to rule the world!  Burdened with glorious purpose, indeed.

Really, my memories of this entire Christmas are fairly hazy.  I was sick, and somewhat incoherent.  We had also made some things to take to a Christmas celebration with the extended family, but by the time we were supposed to leave for that Annabeth and MrV were sick.  So those are still around here, and may be delivered eventually.

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Ami said...

I've been enjoying your posts about the things you sewed for the play. Plaid makes me crazy, but I think we've already established that I need a very forgiving pattern if I'm going to sew anything at all. Mostly I hem tablecloths (sort of straight) and occasionally dust my sewing machine.

Love the turtles. The turtle stencil was amazing. :)