Monday, February 8, 2016

School desk upgrade

One issue with blogging much about homeschooling a high school student is that the choices in education become so highly individual by this point.  Gone are the days of general discussion of phonics vs. whole word, or spiral vs mastery.  High school is the realm of a child who might be deciding whether or not to dual enroll several semesters of calculus vs. a child who might be figuring out how to run their own business. I really think that's a big reason why so little is written about how to homeschool high school (well, and by the time you get to high school you're so busy with the actual homeschooling that you don't have a lot of time to write about it, let alone find anything interesting to photograph).

However school is accomplished, though,  a unifying element for all students is the need for an area for writing and/or computer.  For Ananbeth, a huge fan of Katy Bowman, this involves sitting or lying on the floor. 

This year for Christmas we found the perfect desk for her:

a bamboo bed tray (shown here on Christmas morning with treats from the stockings -- potato chips and juice).

It's easily portable, so she can take it to various rooms of the house or carry it out to the porch. It fits her laptop nicely. The top can adjust to tilt various angles, but so far she hasn't been interested in using that feature. 

Theoretically it will hold up well enough that she can still use it when she moves out into her own place, which will probably not have furniture.

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Mel said...

When my daughter was about 5th grade we bought her a beautiful desk with drawers and a large hutch, thinking she needed a "homework station" but after 4 years of her never, ever using it, not once, and it always just being a cluttered dusty mess, finally sold it to make more space in her bedroom. She is 11th grade this year and mostly prefers to sprawl out on the floor, sometimes her bed, and also likes to use a lap desk. For next to her bed we got her a wooden tv tray that works nicely too because she can move it around or even use it in the living room next to a chair.