Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random Stuff

Hey, long time no blog. I was going to post yesterday with a Work-in-Progress Wednesday, but our internet service went kaput. (OMG! HOW CAN WE GET IN TOUCH WITH FRIENDS ABOUT SATURDAY NIGHT? Because we're apparently incapable of picking up a phone and calling, or functioning AT ALL without internet. Sheesh.)

Many local schools started this week. While the kids were loading onto the bus, we were making pancakes:

Really, that's a lie. The school kids were on the bus before the household kids were even awake. So the pancakes were made mid-morning.

We've been getting back into the swing of school, particularly math, for a couple of weeks now. We're at the fun point in RightStart E -- things like isometric drawings:

I'll be teaching a co-op class in knitting and crocheting this year. I'm making some sample dishcloths for the class. This one is a simple design of a lighthouse, chosen because it's Lighthouse Co-op:

I've also been messing around with sewing a skirt for a solo dress, using cheap drapery fabric and Peltex. You know what? I hate working with Peltex. I love bodices. I love the fabric we found for the skirt (a silk-metallic blend that has the same irregularly pleated texture as the cheap drapery fabric). But I hate the heavy stiffening. Working with it felt like a prison sentence. So I ended up emailing a woman in Australia about a used dress for sale.

Not sure what the final outcome of the Australian emails will be, or if I'll go back to wrestling the Peltex. Thalia doesn't seem to care one way or another, and is content to compete in her school dress. She has developed new interests this summer, it seems (yes, I know some of you are dying from laughter at what a massive understatement that is -- I can hear you all the way over here at our house). So Irish Dance is no longer the BIg Deal is was before.

More later ... posting quickly before the internet goes out again ....


Ami said...

Well whatever her latest interest, she will still be wearing her wig, right?

Love the pancakes. :)

We live across the street from the local Hellementary. When the kids were that age, I managed to resist the urge to sit on the front lawn in our pajamas, eating ice cream and pointing as all the kids arrived for their first day of school.

TaraChristiane said...

I, for one, would love to be in your knitting and crochet class. I'm slightly past dishcloths, but not too far.
Love your dance dress solution! Sometimes that's the best way to go. :-)