Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday

Cranking out the cotton dishcloths for the co-op class ... so far we have Illusion knitting:

monogram out of knits and purls:

and just started some lace today:

Also starting school work in earnest, continuing negotiations regarding theater and dance classes (that is, how many should sane people take), and enjoying the normal (not sweltering) weather. And lots of time spent laughing about nothing in particular.


Ami said...

Love the illusion knitting... how cool!

And tomorrow our weather cools off again.
Ahh. Heavenly.

TaraChristiane said...

I've never seen illusion knitting before. How fun! Love the lace cloth! Are these patterns all from the same book?

Gail said...

All the patterns are free online. I'm finding them using the search function of -- I looked at the category Home - Cleaning - Washcloth/Dishcloth and within that category set limits of "knitted", "free", "with pictures". Sometimes I just browse to see what's interesting; but when I wanted to find lace, for example, I set a further limit of "lace" within the filter of construction techniques.

It's an amazing search engine they've got there.

Also, there are so many hundreds of dishcloth patterns free online it would be difficult to want to make the effort of finding a book on the subject.