Monday, December 6, 2010

The Weekend

Friday night: and evening at home, possibly the only one in December. Watched Elf and ate homemade pizza.


Annabeth to choir performance at a Breakfast With Santa, then rehearsal for Christmas musical.

I messed around with Girl Scout Nut Sales, organizing stuff to take to various people. Then took Thalia to dance class.

Pick up Annabeth, pick up Thalia, lunch at about 1:30pm, then organize next outing: and Elf Hunt in St. Charles.

Take kids to St. Charles Christmas Traditions. Wow, it was cold and windy! But we quickly located an Elf:

as well as several other characters, including Jack Frost (my camera froze up, so I didn't get a shot of their hug)

St. Lucia

and a Scottish Santa wearing a kilt (oh, his poor frozen knees):

Then a stop at Walgreens on the way home to visit the hair coloring section, supper, and the girls went upstairs to giggle in the bathroom and do what teenage girls do when they have a Saturday night and a bottle of hair dye. But I think I'm sworn to secrecy about this, so I'm not going to say anything else except this: red.

And somewhere in there I went to the Peanut Pantry to get more Girl Scout nuts.


Sunday morning was the Chidlren's Christmas Musical at church. They performed Angel's Aware, which turned out to be quite entertaining. Annabeth played Gabriel, and as such kicked off the program by belting out a solo and delivering a monologue.

Chorus shot. Annabeth is to the far left, bottom row. Thalia commented that with the big white sunglasses and the way she was over-enunciating her words with a deadpan expression she looked like Lady Gaga.

She wrapped it up with another monologue and solo. She wasn't the lead, but had the big monologues -- Archangel Michael was the lead, but had smaller speaking roles, and Gabriel was the second biggest part. To my knowledge, she never worked on memorizing any of this -- apparently ever since Shakespeare-in-a-week she hasn't needed to really work at memorization. She was totally in her element up on stage.

After that, home to set up the tree. Not decorated, but set up. I was under the impression that Thalia was supposed to wrap gifts at Borders (a Girl Scout fund raiser), but that's actually next week, as we discovered after driving there. I should've spent the evening organizing the Nut Sale paperwork to turn in today, but instead spent the evening trying to figure out what's gone wrong with our computer's ability to open pdf files. Sheesh. So, here it is Monday morning, and I'm already behind. Ack.

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