Monday, December 13, 2010


Christmas recital Friday night. Thalia sang a duet. Uncle Mark S. snapped a pic with his phone:

Afterwards we all went out for ice cream.

Saturday spent running errands, putting gas in the car before the weather got bad, Christmas shopping, changing family Christmas plans repeatedly.

Sunday morning we awoke to SNOW! Not much, but enough to need a snowplow. Also, COLD! Wasn't it about 57 or 60F just a couple of days ago? And now it's 4F.

Sunday morning Thalia sang again at church, this time with her choir. And Sunday night was the church's Youth Christmas Concert. No pics because by this time I had lost track of the camera.

Then early to bed because we got up at about 4am so Rick could catch a flight to Mexico. Where it's about 80F -- how do you dress for that business of going from single digits to 80s, then back down to low temps when he gets back later this week?

Right now I should be: checking the pressure on my car tires (I'm sure it's low with the temperature drop) OR finishing sewing pants for Annabeth so she has a warm pair for today OR bringing the Christmas plates upstairs OR some other form of Christmas preparedness OR at least doing yoga ... but mostly I'm sitting here being cold.

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