Friday, July 29, 2011

More Lunches

The kids are in the midst of a 3 week Musical Theater camp. It was originally scheduled for MWF, but then was announced that kids ages 11 and up could come to work days on TTh to help build sets (I'm pretty sure the age was set at 11 to accommodate Annabeth). So, of course, they're going 5 days a week now. And also talking about how much they want to take a class in technical theater during the school year.

Anyway, on MWF they'e been taking bento boxes, and on TTh just taking something fairly light since they've been working in triple-digit heat out on the asphalt behind the building. And I've discovered that it's really, really handy to have pictures of all of these lunches, since then I don't have to think about how to arrange them in boxes. I'm going back and tagging all the old posts on the subject so they're easier for me to find.

So here are a couple more lunches for my future reference:

Hotdog tulips with cucumber leaves set on lettuce leaves, mac-and-cheese balls from Trader Joe's frozen food section, some raw broccoli, extra hotdog slices in case Holly stays for lunch and tries to take some of Annabeth's lunch (Holly will be starring as Toto -- she and Annabeth hang out together MWF mornings, and hotdogs are one of her favorite foods), assorted fruit.

And lunch #2 is rice, orange slices, red pepper slices, teriyaki beef from the Trader Joe's beef skewer packs (also in the frozen food section -- the skewers didn't fit in the bento, so we got rid of them), snipped green onion. I think it probably needed more to give it some "pop", but at this point we're all sort of tired and just trying to get through the day.

One more week to go. Also, much sewing to accomplish before then. Eek!

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