Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Up at 5am, and the temperature out is 80F. The windows are steamed up -- condensation on the outside due to the relative cool inside the house.

Yesterday we went to the pool when it opened at noon. It was lovely to be in the still water, but as it got more crowded the kids asked to leave. They said it was too hot and sweaty to swim laps. Yes, the water was that warm. So we came home and ate watermelon that had been kept in the refrigerator icy cold.

Later we discussed how lovely it would be to have some ice cream bars, but it was too hot to go to the store.

This is summer in St. Louis. Just a few months ago it was so cold school was cancelled due to safety concerns for children going out in the cold wind. Now we have heat advisories.

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Bridgett said...

It is a little exhausting having the extremes.