Sunday, September 11, 2011


-- Getting ready on Friday night for the ACT the next day is sort of like getting ready for a feis, but involves things like sharpening #2 pencils instead of polishing shoes.

-- Getting up early on Saturday to go to the ACT is like getting up early to go to a feis, but with a calculator instead of a wig.

-- Driving downtown on a Saturday morning to go to a feis, I still crave peanut M&Ms, which were my snack food of choice during that last entire year of feiseanna. But since I was just dropping off a couple of dresses I hadn't loaded up on snacks.

-- A new choreography team is being formed. Which needs new collars. At first I thought she said there would be 60 dancers -- WOWZA! I DIDN'T KNOW YOU COULD HAVE A TEAM THAT BIG! Then I realized that she'd said 16. Anyway, time to get some more crochet thread. I'm not sure how many of which size, and what the time frame is (Oireachtas? Nationals?) These things shall be revealed unto me over time, but in the meantime, I can sort of guess that a couple in each size probably would be a good idea.

-- Overall, going to a feis is more fun if you can just spend some time talking to friends and then leave whenever you want. Although sometimes you miss seeing people that way. Also, no wig pictures for Ami, alas.

-- When the ACT admission ticket says dismissal is at 1pm, they actually mean that it could be a half hour earlier. Which means we could've made it to ballet.

-- The head of ballet at the place Thalia is going thought the ACT was more important than a dance class.

-- The essay prompt on Saturday's test was the same as the one Thalia used as a practice essay Friday.

-- You know those mints I'm always eating? The ones I kept crunching on, and then the one molar felt like it was starting to split from chomping on something so hard, and I had to have the filling removed and replaced, and spent most of the summer paranoid about chewing on that side until I got it all taken care of? Yeah, those. Whole Foods has stopped carrying them. At least, the one store has. I might have to drive to the other store and check there. This is serious. I need those mints.

-- The blue the kids chose for the bathroom is a really fun blue. The plan is to put fish clings on the walls. I thought it would be cool to hang plastic fish from the ceiling on little wires. And maybe paint the ceiling to look like you're inside of a fishbowl with a giant person peering in (no clue how you'd accomplish that, but wouldn't it look cool? I wonder if the guy in charge of the theater sets could figure it out -- since they're not doing Nemo this year after all he might have some fun fish ideas he wanted to paint somewhere.)

-- Annabeth wants to be a cat for Halloween. Again. For the fourth time. Out of 12 Halloweens. One third of her life as a cat (well, her Halloween life). Negotiations continue.

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Bridgett said...

This is fun to read. I am copying you.