Friday, September 9, 2011

More Random Bits

Life seems to be comprised of disparate pieces right now. I'm not seeing a unifying theme, just little bits and pieces jumbled around.

Thalia is supposed to start her new ballet class tomorrow in U City. It starts at the same time she is dismissed from the ACT, which she's taking in an entirely different place that's at least half an hour away. So I've had to call the head of the ballet department AGAIN to say if she shows up at all it would just be for the last few minutes, which is likely not worth it. This is a place with a major, major phone tree, and never a live person with which to speak. So I'm emailing this woman (not even her teacher, who I've no idea how to get hold of) or calling her repeatedly, leaving messages. She must think we're totally troublesome twits, and the class hasn't even started yet. Sigh.

But we have all the proper attire. Except Annabeth's tights ended up not fitting for HER ballet class, which is at a different school. So we'll need to trade those in. More niggling details. And the time of her tap class might change. Or not. The teacher is amazing though -- if you're in the area and thinking about tap, this is the place to be.

The ACT ... do we have number 2 pencils? Correct calculators? Somehow I thought she had the earlier dismissal (12:15). But, no, it's 1pm. So, from 8am to 1pm she's testing. Blech. Really, it's just a trial run. We've put various school things on hold so she could prep for this. I'll be glad when it's over and we can move forward. We had talked about a birthday party this weekend, but she decided she'd be too wiped out.

While straightening up bookshelves last week prepping for the appraisal I realized how much Waldorf curriculum I have on the shelves that I'll never look at again in my life. I'm listing the books online for sale. So far 2 books have gone, which is nice. It's a weird time of year to sell curriculum, though. I figure I'll just keep re-posting it until it goes.

Oh, and other odd online thing -- the place I'm posting the books, which is a homeschool forum, suddenly has a plethora of questions about Irish Dance. Which I've felt compelled to answer, since it's confused newbies. "If my daughter isn't starting until now, when she's 12, how quickly can she move up?" Um, it depends on how hard you work at it, how much you compete. Here's how it works, blah blah blah. "How can I tell if it's a good school?" Well, what you consider "good" someone else might consider "living hell", so, again, it depends on what you want to accomplish.

I've done nothing, absolutely nothing, towards next week's co-op science class. Too focussed on the appraisal and the ACT to think that far ahead. I should do a little towards each event each day, I know, but I tend to get obsessive and focus on one thing at a time.

Actually, last week I was mostly obsessed with Girl Scouts. Weren't the new books supposed to arrive at the Council shop this week? I need to call and get Annabeth signed up as a Juliette, and ask how she's supposed to do cookie sales. She might have to be part of a troop for that, which I consider sort of silly. Does the troop get the money? Can we pick the troop? I have a sneaking suspicion that I won't find out on my first phone call, and it will take a while before I find someone at Council who actually knows how this works. So I keep putting it off.

And today we're going to try to pull a mirror off of the bathroom wall -- it's been glued there for 30 years. I've been reading online horror stories about people getting major injuries from the broken glass when they attempt this, which hasn't been a really good lead-in to the project.

Then tomorrow the ACT, and maybe swing by the feis to offer Thalia's solo dress(es) for sale. This was going to include a drive by U City as a scouting mission, but maybe now I won't do that after all. I need to rethink how tomorrow will work, now. Assuming we haven't all been hospitalized for flying mirror shards piercing our bodies, severing tendons, etc.


Bridgett said...

I love your last sentence.

Freakmom said...

I wish I could help with the details about Juliettes, but every council handles them differently. A membership specialist or registrar should be able to get her registered (did she register in spring with her old troop? If so the leader can do the paperwork or make a call or e-mail to switch her to Juliette status. I think most councils assign them a troop number of 0).

I'd ask to speak to the product sales director directly about Juliette product sales. There should be someone at council in charge of product sales no matter what they call him/her.

Most councils don't have a Juliette coordinator. In our council one membership specialist has us, in addition to all the service units with all the troops she has. She's nice, but has too much to do to worry too much about us.

Our new books aren't in yet either. And did you see that they are selling more badges as "extra" sets of books? Girl Scout, Inc. really screwed up big time with the change over to the new badges. In my not so humble opinion.

Good luck!