Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween, Musical Theater-style

This year we had pumpkins carved as Hello Kitty

 and as a Manga character.
As for costumes, for the past several years the kids have gone trick-or-treating with a friend.  But this year they found out about a week  before Halloween that she wasn't available for the evening, meaning that their planned costumes/routine weren't going to work out.  But the show must go on, so they dressed in their outfits from last spring's vocal recital -- Snazzy Jazz

 -- and became the Betty and Judy Haynes from White Christmas.
  And performed a favorite number from the movie (very appropriate for the 2 of them) (my idea, by the way).

Some people recognized the music ("You're Rosemary Clooney!") and others didn't ("Did you write that song yourselves?" [Egads, if they were going to write a song about being sisters why would they choose those lyrics? Setting aside the appalling lack of cultural literacy, there's not a whole lotta common sense going' on with that there question]).  Overall, it was well received.  Some people asked where their friend was, since they remember them from year to year (and, really, who could forget last year's amazing Riverdance Spectacular?)

Once again the they ended up with a ton of candy...

 I think even more than last year ...

proving once again that adding a little pizzazz to your trick-or-treating can pay big dividends.

Then, after we were done with our neighborhood, we blew out the candles in our jackolanterns, turned off the lights, and zoomed over to a friend's house to show them how it's REALLY done.  Because we're all about raising the bar for Halloween craziness.


Ami said...

They're very talented!
And you guys have so much fun over there... I feel like a slacker.

Trsih said...

I love the video!! Now I have to go and watch that movie again!