Monday, May 23, 2011

Snazzy Jazz

Thalia and Annabeth's voice teacher likes to do a FANCY recital with a theme in the spring. We're new to all of this, so it was fun to see what she came up with.

Since she loves jazz she decided the theme would be "Snazzy Jazz", and would have sort of a 30s and 40s vibe. Lots of Gershwin and Cole Porter. She asked that the kids dress up for the occasion. Of course, we're all about the costuming:

(oh yes -- we used the spikes for those curls!)

Her vision was to transform the studio into a nightclub. She set up tables, hired a bass and drum as well as the piano (she provided some of the piano music; the rest was by her piano students, some of whom are really excellent both at playing solos and accompanying the voice students). Coffee and non-alcoholic drinks were served, as well as desserts. A sampling:

The lighting was low, candles on the decorated tables. She obviously had fun planning this. Then, on with the show!

Thalia sang a duet

as did Annabeth.

And they did group numbers with the kids all around the room, surrounding the audience:

And, yeah, some of it was sort of standard recital fare, but some of those kids are AMAZING! Fun evening all around. I hear next year's theme is going to be something to do with the movies -- can't wait to see what it's like!

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Trish said...

It looks like it was alot of fun, I wish I could have been year for sure!
I love the costumes! So fun!