Thursday, May 5, 2011

This Was Going to be a Post With Pictures

Except the camera is missing. It was last seen with Annabeth, who probably left it upstairs somewhere after taking pictures of Thalia dying her hair red with Jazzing (using one of the somewhat normal colors -- she's going for the Peppermint Patty look for the moment). I checked the bathroom, but don't see it. Maybe it's in her room. Or maybe she left it outside. Who knows.

Okay, so if there were pictures you'd see stuff I'm sewing. I'm sewing stuff in an effort to clean up the dining room, and I thought I'd sew my way through some of the projects laying around it. We're cleaning the dining room because we have house guests coming tomorrow. They were going to come today, but then we realized that we're not going to be home much today, since we have various things that will involve taking pictures with the CAMERA.

Anyway, they're coming to see Thalia be Peppermint Patty in You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, which will be Friday and Saturday at 7pm at DeSmet (will need the camera for that, too!).

Between now and then we have Girl Scout Court of Awards (just finished making brownies for that), piano lesson, dress rehearsal, need to go to the grocery, finish pants, clean house, finish laundry, prepare meals early so we can get to the theatre on time, and FIND THE FLIPPIN' CAMERA!

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