Monday, May 2, 2011

Homeschool Prom

The prom dress. It was actually purple.

Sorry for the bizarro lighting, but this picture was taken at midnight, and I was TIRED. The picture was taken at midnight because the MO of homeschool prom is to go over to a friend's house to get ready, and carpool to the event, so I didn't actually see her prom-ready until after the event.

As a bonus, the skirt of the dress could come up as a hood,

so you could sing Mary Did You Know or otherwise act out dramas

And the black plastic glasses rims

were from punching out the lenses on the sunglasses given out as favors for the Splash of Color theme

I think the tendency to go with groups of friends rather than dates adds up to a more relaxing, fun evening. You can act sort of dorky, as someone claimed they did here:

(I countered that it wasn't that dorky, but my definition of dorky would've been more along the lines of wearing belts with their light sabers attached, so I apparently have a pretty high standard for these things)

get your picture taken with one of the waiters

and commemorate the restrooms.

If you've ever wondered what a homeschool prom would be like, now you know.


Ami said...

Beautiful restroom. The dress was rather nice, too.


Trish said...

Great pictures! Looks like she had lots of fun.

Bridgett said...

I love how your girls know how to instantly banish pretension.

Kenny and Teresa Wolfe said...

That's so funny - my girlfriends and I took pictures in the women's room at our prom, too...that was YEARS ago! I love following your blog - I don't believe I've ever commented before though. I have a 2 1/2 year old and plan to homeschool, so this is just "prep-work" for me. =)