Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We Are Lumberjacks and We're OK

The storm yesterday took out a large tree branch at the back of our yard. And the large tree branch stripped all the branches off of one side of a huge white pine. It all landed in a pile of forsythia and brush. We can now clearly see the house behind us, which is a new sensation.

So yesterday evening was spent getting out the smaller branches so we can see what to attack with a chainsaw. Lots of lopping off stuff one inch diameter and smaller, then pulling it out and throwing into a pile to be further chopped down and put out in yard waste trash pickup. Occasionally I was able to wrestle out a large branch, dragging it through all of the other branches to lay in the yard for further sawing -- I now understand the triumph the rats feel when they find something large and drag it back to the cage. Also, the faith the rats have that if they keep gnawing away a little at a time, they will eventually destroy whatever it is that they feel a need to destroy (like, say, the cable cord or a stray flip flop).

Today: more of the same.

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