Monday, May 23, 2011

Final Dress

Our Spring 2011 Dressmaking-palooza ended last week with Thalia's dress for the recital. She decided she wanted something similar to Annabeth's dress -- that is, princess seams, straps, satin. She also wanted to pay homage to Rosemary Clooney singing Love, You Didn't Do Right By Me in White Christmas. So we eventually found Kwik Sew 3294.

I LOVE THIS PATTERN! So easy. Of course, it helps that by this time I can slap together a bunch of satin, turn a couple of straps, throw in an invisible zipper, practically in my sleep. But really, this pattern was the fastest we've done this spring. Why didn't we choose it first, back at Mrs. Peacock and then just use it for everything?

Anyway, Thalia wanted shiny satin, which meant Hancock fabrics (their satin is shinier that JoAnn's). Hancock was out of the crepe-back satin (super-shiny stuff we used for Annabeth's dress) in black, so we got Monece satin instead. And for the gussets in the skirt (gotta do the gussets!) we got some sort of glitter dot from JoAnn:

Looks like if belongs on an Irish Dance solo dress, right? Fortunately the dots were widely spaced enough that I didn't have to worry much about gunking up the needle -- I could just sort of sew between them:

The fabric was so light and flimsy, though, that the seams wanted to roll towards the gussets. I was afraid to press very aggressively because I figured I'd melt the dots. Also, I decided most people wouldn't notice the difference, given the fullness of the skirt with the gussets.

We kept the dress length just as drafted on the pattern, which came to just above Thalia's ankles -- she's 5'8". Actually, we kept everything almost exactly as drafted on the pattern except for taking in a smidge at the bust.

Fits like a dream.

Love this pattern, and plan to make it again. Once I can face making another dress, that is. I'm really DONE with the dresses for awhile.

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KPCL Girl said...

Sewing is great because you get what you want. :-)