Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Weekend So Far

Friday night Thalia had a dress rehearsal for Clue down at Crestwood Plaza, so Annabeth and I took her there, arriving just as classes at The Clark Academy, which is located next door to the place we were going (Dayspring -- old Eddie Bauer store, and Clark is in the old American Eagle), were letting out. Many shouts of delight and "HEY, we haven't seen you guys FOREVER!" as we unexpectedly ran into Irish Dance friends. Fun.

And no trip to Crestwood is complete without a visit to Animegroll, which is just around the corner from Clark and Dayspring. Annabeth selected this bento box and bag for less than $3.50 each:

Catbus purse in the background from previous shopping trip to the store.

Annabeth and I spent much of the rest of the evening plotting lunches to out in the box. She made French toast on Saturday morning, and I think a piece is going in Monday's lunch with some scrambled eggs, ham and cheese, and broccoli. Or not -- who knows what inspiration may strike when faced with the blank canvas of the empty box.

Anyway, Saturday night was the actual performance, for which Thalia wore her Peacock Dress, Simplicity 2253:

Another look at it:

We left out the big ribbon clumps on the left shoulder, and stuck a bunch of peacock feathers on instead. Also added a spaghetti strap to the right shoulder for that extra feeling of security while playing World Map Twister with Colonel Mustard:

These 2 did the best job in the entire performance. I think they were trying to out-crazy each other.

Afterwards there was rejoicing backstage:

And then a trip to Ted Drewes -- several hundred other people had the exact same idea:

The less glamorous parts of the weekend featured picking up thousands of sweet gum balls from the front yarn so we could sort of drag a lawn mower through it. Thousands more still need to be removed. Ideally one of tonight's predicted storms will down one of the trees (ideally plunging it deep into that area of zoysia grass that's creeping over from the neighbor's, and killing both tree and grass-- both sweet gum trees and zoysia grass really need to be banned from planting around here).

And tonight -- beginning on an Easter dress.


MissMOE said...

Glad the performance turned out so well! And we love and miss Ted Drewes. Yah for frozen concretes. I love the Dotty.

Bridgett said...

I love that little store in Crestwood--a good deal of allowance money goes right into their pockets, I'm sure. We, too, spent part of the weekend in rake-to-sweetgum combat, in time for street sweeping this afternoon. My sweetgum is a gorgeous tree in the fall, and is the shade for my front yard, but I do find myself shaking my fist at it a lot...

HeathersSphere said...

Such a riveting dress on Thalia! I enjoyed your blog.