Friday, April 15, 2011

Homeschool Report

The major news here is that APOLOGIA HIGH SCHOOL BIOLOGY IS FINISHED! And Thalia was running around rejoicing that she never has to use another Apologia science book again in her life. She thought it was often silly, and the author's writing style got on her nerves (his sins included using "poisonous" when he meant "venomous", and using superlatives when he should've used comparatives). On the bright side, all labs were done in a classroom setting, which meant that there were several dissection specimens to compare, not to mention that it didn't smell up our own house.

Also finished is High School Composition 1, which was based on IEW, a writing curriculum we have never used nor have much desire to use. Her final research paper was on space opera. I read through it, and will be interested to see how the teacher grades it.

Thalia is still working on Microsoft Office, Art, History and Lit. of the Ancient World, and Geometry. We're going to do a half credit of Logic when some of this other stuff gets finished up. She's done enough Phys. Ed. to count as a half credit -- which I think might be the most we'd put on a transcript -- learning about weight lifting, floor barre, yoga, and various other techniques used by physiotherapists.

In the meantime, Annabeth took her new bento box to co-op classes with her:

French toast (sprinkled with powdered sugar) cut into bite size pieces, a line of fresh broccoli, then layers of ham, cheese, and scrambled eggs. The butterfly is ham and cheese. Eaten with chopsticks. She was amazed at how much food was stuffed in the little box.

At some point in the past few weeks we finished Story of the World 4, the modern era. Depressing with all of the wars, but on the bright side I knew how to pronounce most of the names in the later chapters because I remember hearing them.

Annabeth has been working this week on her creative writing class project, so we've skipped work in Writing with Ease. She continues to work in RightStart Geometry and Life of Fred fractions. She's decided to start up Mango French again (Mango is an online program available through our library's website). And she's spent much of this week working on various Girl Scout badges covering science, small business, crafts, art, writing and social studies.

Plus piano, voice, dance and theater classes. But no actual performances, thankfully. Well, except choir, but that's not a major event.

So, onward into the weekend.


Karen said...

I know what you mean about finally being able to easily pronounce names in history. My 16yo is finishing up with AP US History and I've been able to discuss topics with her since I can remember them BEFORE they were history!

Daisy said...

I love when you reach that point in the year when subjects start finishing up. It gives you just enough energy to make it to the finish line. LOL.

Have you chosen a science for next year?

Laurie said...

Your post was the 2nd I've read this morning that mentioned working on scout badges. I really need to get back to that with my DDs. We have about 10 badges (American Heritage Girls) that could easily be completed if we'd just dedicate a few hours to it.

MissMOE said...

Yah! for the end of Apolgia! ;) I'm impressed your dd is so close to the end of the year.