Sunday, April 3, 2011


Friday night: SLU High School Sophomore Spring Semi-Formal

Thalia went with a friend of hers who claimed his mom was forcing him to do this. I think his mom was pretty smart to insist -- most kids this age are fairly clueless about how to take a date to a dance, and therefor this is a great time to learn because everyone is just being awkward together. Better now than at age 25 when everyone else seems to have figured it out already.

Thalia had fun. She noted that it was the first time she'd been to a dance with such a high percentage of guys (SLU is an all-male school, so it was a one-to-one ratio). She also commented that her escort could give lessons in chivalry to other guys, what with the wrist corsage, the holding open of doors, etc. etc. I need to tell his mom that.

Saturday morning: make up class for Clue.

I had gotten Thalia's Mrs. Peacock dress nearly done by then -- Simplicity 2253 by Jessica McClintock :

We're trying to balance slapping it together because it's a one shot costume, and actually doing a decent job so people don't think I haven't any idea how to sew.

They needed a makeup class because the teacher had gone to Great Britain for spring break and had trouble getting back into the U.S. Not to be confused with all the kids in our church's youth group who went to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip and had trouble getting back into the U.S. Or Thalia's science teacher who went to Italy for spring break and had trouble getting back into the U.S. All had different reasons for the hitches, but, really, what a weird sequence that for 3 days straight we were hearing about people missing flights, getting delayed, etc.

Anyway, the show is next week, and Mr. Body hasn't memorized his lines. This may seem to not be a problem since he is mostly a dead body, but, really, IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. So Mr. Body came over to our house Saturday afternoon to work on lines with Thalia.

SIDE NOTE: The show is April 9 at 7pm in the Dayspring at Crestwood, which is very near Clark Academy (that is, east end of Crestwood). TIckets are $6.

That evening Thalia and Mr. Body went to a Teen Trivia night (this was NOT a date, okay?). Their table won, which was pretty cool

In the meantime, Annabeth had gone to a Bronze Award meeting at a friend's house. And the mom suggested (ahead of time) that whoever wanted could spend the night. So, of course, Annabeth spent the night since she's now at the age where that's the coolest thing possible to do, especially with this group of friends.

Which all added up to Rick and I having a Saturday night to ourselves! Woot!

Sunday: Ballpark Luncheon and Silent Auction Fundraiser for Thalia's choir, which is going to Colorado in June.

Although most of the items in the auction were Cardinal-related, we ended up winning tickets to a Bach Chorale performance, and also a set of voice lessons for Thalia. Rick is somewhat bitter about missing out on the Cardinal tickets for the Saturday before Easter. I'm hoping the weather will be crappy that day so he doesn't keep going on and on about it. Crappy weather is a definite possibility ... remember how we were having a mini-blizzard last weekend so everything ended up cancelled? Today it was 90F with high winds. Gack.

In the afternoon Rick took Thalia out to teach her how to rotate tires on my car. Did I mention that she has her learner's permit now? So she's learning all about cars, and hopefully now has somewhat of a clue how to change a tire.

Now the weekend is winding down, and we're checking to make sure the basement is ready for if/when the tornado alarms sound later tonight. The past 50 hours have been pretty busy, and I'm ready to conk out.


Freakmom said...

Wow! I can't believe how grown up she's become!

Bridgett said...

"Thalia and Mr. Body went to a teen trivia night" keeps cracking me up.

You are right about awkward teen dating. It is SO IMPORTANT to get the wrinkles out when the stakes are so much smaller!

Weaver said...

I know I've not been good at commenting (darn life and kids getting in the way of leaving good comments) but Holy Cow!!! I remember starting to read your blog when Miss T was such a cute kid. When did she turn into such a stunning young lady??? Gah! Maybe I'm just reeling a bit from having to celebrate an 11th birthday this year ;)