Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend 2011

Good Friday

Shopped for prom dress. I took along the Kindle so I could read drivel while Thalia tried on dresses. This also kept me from having to listen to weird people in the dressing rooms having weird conversations, although I was still aware enough of my surroundings to observe that if you're old enough to be going to the prom you shouldn't have to ask your mom to zip and unzip every. single. dress. including the ones with side zippers -- sheesh, most 6 year olds do a better job of dressing themselves. Thalia was stunned by the vapidity of the conversations this person was having in the dressing room. Anyway, we found a dress. Thalia can zip and unzip it ALL BY HERSELF LIKE A BIG GIRL. We felt pretty good about that.

Friday night we skipped Good Friday services because the weather looked crappy -- we decided to stay home and watch Chronicle of Narnia 1 instead, figuring it had much the same plotline. As we noticed all the tornado warnings cropping up we moved the party to the basement, which is carpeted plus has a television and microwave. We added popcorn, etc., and had something resembling a slumber party. No tornadoes in our neighborhood, thankfully, although I followed the airport saga on Twitter -- it was like watching a train wreck.


Thalia's first in-car driving lesson. Also, I traced a cut out a Burda pattern for an Easter dress for me. Then I decided I could zip it together OR I could have a sane weekend featuring things like sleep. I opted for plan B. Spent Saturday evening watching Chronicles of Narnia 2.


Early church, then home to clown around taking pictures. The Get Smart pose"

The "Hey, look, we're all mixy-matchy in our homemade pink/green/black outfits" pose:

(Annabeth's dress is one I made for her last summer for a wedding, and my skirt is one I made years ago before Eunice Farmer closed taking with it all of its cool fabric like this dotted stuff)

Also, an indoor Easter egg hunt since it was too wet to do it outside. But since it was inside we could have a soundtrack playing, specifically music from Narnia, particularly the overwrought stuff like "Arrival at Aslan's How". The Official Song of the Day was Regina Spektor's "The Call" which we all kept singing in falsettos, often changing the words.

Then over to relatives for the traditional Easter meal featuring the traditional peep cake:

and also lots of squirty whipped cream (always a necessity wherever we go):

We took our copy of Chronicles of Narnia 3, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, along, since Aunt Linda and Uncle Mark had never seen it. I think they might've preferred seeing it without us, since the one scene reminds all of us waaaaaay too much of Ghostbusters and we're apparently incapable of watching it without yelling out, "not the Stay-Puft marshmallow man!" Overall, though, a good movie, and we're particularly grateful Ben Barnes lost the dorky hair extensions and accent. It was fun to watch all 3 in a row on 3 successive nights.

Then the traditional game of Cranium. And home late.

Fun weekend.


Bridgett said...

Hey is voyage of the dawn treader, Stay puft aside, better than the book? It is my least fave Narnia book but I imagine it would make a fun movie.

Gail said...


I don't really remember the book -- it's been years since I last read it -- but I thought the movie was better than, say, the 2nd one. Less overwrought and overdone. Some of the humorous stuff goes by pretty quickly, though, so you have to pay attention. Or else have us over to do a MST3000 on it.

The kids say that people who liked the book don't like the movie, and vice versa.

Definitely worth a dollar at Redbox, or a trip to the library.