Saturday, May 7, 2011

Charlie Brown Opening Night

The director commented after dress rehearsal that she'd like stripes on Peppermint Patty's shirt, so Friday afternoon included running to JoAnn for Wright Iron-on Hem Tape, which we laid out on the shirt

ironed on while on the table with a towel underneath (I'm not including the step where the cat repeatedly got up and moved the stripes around)

and then quickly sew down the edges to make absolutely sure that they didn't come off during the performance.

So that's a quick look at how to make a Peppermint Patty shirt out of a man's large golf shirt from Walmart. Finished product:

And some other highlights of opening night:

which included some iconic moments from the strip

Edgar Allan Poe (which is actually from Snoopy, the Musical)
Please don't let her call on me today, please
Mentally I'm begging on my knees, please

Cake pops at the concessions!

And time spent with good friends

Another show again tonight at 7 at DeSmet. I was asking Thaiia who she had invited, and realized yesterday afternoon that she had been sort of lax about emailing and phoning people to let them know the showtimes. Sigh. So, sincere apologies if we didn't get the message to you.


Ami said...

I played Lucy in that one.
Typecasting, I think.

Great shirt, but why did you leave the cat out? When cats get insulted, it ain't pretty.

Someone always pays.

Just a word of warning.

Trish said...

We loved the show! When is the next one!??