Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

Seven knapsacks for the Von Trapp children to carry as they prepare to flee across the Alps.

 The director wanted them all out of burlap, but we only had enough burlap for 2 -- the lighter 2 in the middle -- thank goodness.  Burlap is really crappy to work with.  The rest are some weird textured knit that will never ravel or tear for the next several centuries.  The pattern is the same one we used for the Junior Girl Scout sewing badge.  The cords are crocheted from some yarn I found in the basement -- they're too bright white, but I plan to soak them in tea.

Also, the prototype for the cloaks the children will wear.

The pattern needs some more tweaking.  I'll serge around all the edges for a more finished look, and add some sort of fastener at the top front.  This one is out of some hideous knit.  I also have some pieces of wool, and some brown polyester.  The basis of the pattern was a free download from the Burda website. 

Elsa Schraeder's ball gown hasn't made much progress this week.  Oops.

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