Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

The white crocheted cords that were too white have been dumped in a pan of tea

and hung out to dry.  

So now they look appropriately dirty.  And ready to be used in knapsacks for Von Trapp children to use while fleeing over the alps.

In the meantime, capes have been cut out.  I just messed with this lining pattern until it became the actual cape pattern.  Also, I didn't pin down the pattern -- just used various canned goods

and cut out a stack of capes for the Von Trapp children.  From various fabrics, which I think are all polyester.

I'm going to serge around the edges to give them more finish.  And I need to come up with some kind of fastener.  The director suggested a snap, but I think that will pull off almost instantly, or else rip out.

Elsa's ball gown is done.  If I take out the basting on the bodice folds they all fall out, so they'll stay basted. I really like this dress -- can't wait to get a picture of it on.

I'll be glad when this show is over.

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