Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Finale

We finished up Christmas this past weekend.  This year we had 2 weekends of relatives coming to our house, followed by Christmas Day, followed by a quick trip to Indiana to see more relatives.

Saturday we went to a hotel in Indianapolis, met Rick's parents for supper, and had Christmas with them at the hotel.

Then Sunday we headed to my sister's house for a brunch.  We toted along yet another Christmas craft project, an amigurumi Sneetch.

The star is attached with velcro, of course.

My parents love the story of the Sneetches, and occasionally do a reading of it.  Now they have a prop! Dad was quite amused when he opened the box.
After all, who really expects a Sneetch?

We had also made granola for gifts, although I've already lost track of the recipe.  This is highly annoying, since we'd planned to make more for ourselves.  Oh well.

Games were played, 
food was consumed, and then we zipped back home.  

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Ami said...

Trade you some tie dyed socks for a sneetch. MY GOD it's fantastic!!! Seriously!!!