Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Long time no blog!  While we were in silent mode, 
we have:
 Visited Santa

Saw Wicked at the Fox.  It was excellent.

Also, made lots of Christmas presents, like
this little bag that Annabeth sewed for me, and

this scarf I made for Thalia (uber-cool Tardis voile from Spoonflower), and

an amigurumi Dr. Who, 10th doctor (found the pattern on Ravelry), and

this little knitted fairy-rat I made for Annabeth (again, found the pattern on Ravelry), and

this bottle cap necklace featuring Sherlock that Thalia made Annabeth, and

these Dr. Who ornaments Annabeth made for Thalia (Spoonflower fabric, again -- a fat quarter was supposed to be used for finger puppets, but she stuffed them and attached Tardis-blue ribbons for hanging).

Plus, of course,

cookie making time!

Which had more of a Hobbit theme this year (yeah, the kids went to see the movie in IMAX that first Friday morning -- cheaper prices, but still able to see the Star Trek preview).

Then we were pretty much ready for Santa!


Ami said...

Man, your Christmas was actually, well, Christmas. I love how creative your kids are. Were they homeschooled, by chance? ;)

nice to 'hear' from you!!

Bridgett said...

you and your children are such lovely geeks. I only hope for similar results as my kids get older. Merry Christmas!