Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weekend Stuff

On Friday Thalia took her driver's test.  She needed to get the parallel parking thing down before the test (plus we needed to contemplate how to pay for the insurance, but that's an old story everyone knows).  Imagine her surprise to discover right before the test that the actual size of the test parking spot was 25 feet, and that you could be within 18 inches from the curb and still considered successful.  Really?  That's easy-peasy, especially when you've been practicing in much tighter spots.  She zipped into that spot in about 2 moves.

That evening we went to Lindenwood University to see Shrek.  I'd give the theater a rating of 4 on a scale of 1-5, and the performance a rating of 3.

We hadn't been to Lindenwood before for a performance.  It's really a nice theater overall, although they could have laid out the seats better insofar as access to long rows of seats.  Yes, you lose some seats that way, but it's nice to not have to long rows end in a wall that prohibits exiting via any path other than climbing over a bunch of other people.  At least the leg room was adequate enough for people to scooch down the row.

We'd seen Shrek at the Fox a couple of years ago.  The dragon puppet in this performance was much, much better.  Several actors did a fine job.  Although Shrek himself did a better job of his accent, something about his makeup made me all twitchy with desire to go adjust something on the back of his neck.  The overall feel of the performance was raunchier, with the more-raunchy bits supplied by performers who seemed a little less talented in their roles.  We noted some odd problems with curtains and lights.  Overall, we've become more discerning about our theater experiences since we first saw the show, so maybe that's why it was all a bit disappointing. Also, the first time we saw it we expected it to be really lame (we'd been given free tickets) and were totally caught off guard by how fun it was; this time we expected to recreate that wonderful experience, and the performance didn't live up to our expectations.

Saturday was nearly 80F, and featured leaf raking.  Also, I found a place that sells dry ice on Sundays so I could use it on Mondays in a class, so that was pretty exciting.

Sunday was a trip to the Peabody Opera House for the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular.  I'd give the theater a rating of 2 or 3, the performance a rating of 3.

We'd never been to the Peabody before.  Our seats were way way way high up in the mezzanine -- somewhat akin to trekking up Mt. Everest to reach them.  If you look online for reviews of the theater itself you'll find mention that the ushers seem a bit clueless -- our experience was similar.  The theater  really IS gorgeous.  And has no leg room.  We were on the aisle, and people arriving late could barely squeeze by us (also, the performance started 10 minutes later than the stated starting time, and people were arriving 10 or 15 minutes after it started -- what's up with that, especially for a 90 minute show?).  Perhaps if we hadn't sat in the 3rd from the top/back row I'd rate the theater higher, but at the moment I have no real desire to ever return; it would have to be something totally spectacular for me to want to go there again.

Parts of the show we saw were wonderful.  The LED backdrop was used to great effect in several numbers like the bus ride through New York and the dancing Santas.  The opening number was also great -- loved the costumes in that one, and in several others.  Overall, though, I have a tip for you -- do NOT take an Irish Dancer (retired or current) to a Rockettes performance unless you're prepared to listen to critique on whether everyone is actually on the exact correct spot in relation to the taped lines on the stage.  "I could show you teams that could keep a straighter line and they're AMATEURS instead of professionals like these dancers, plus they DON'T USE TAPE to help them!"  We really hated the Nutcracker as performed by dancing teddy bears -- I kept wondering if the dancers were regretting the years of ballet to dance pointe, only to be stuck in a bizarro bear costume -- I was embarrassed for them.   We were also sorry for the kids who performed in the vignettes with Santa -- the script was so bad, the pacing totally off, Santa himself was just plain annoying -- those kids were in a no-win situation.  Why did so many Wise Men slog across the stage during We THREE Kings?  Why did the Wise Men arrive at the stable and burst forth into a song about angels, when no angels were involved in that moment?  Speaking of angels, the angel suspended in the air during the earlier vignette reminded me of Carol Kane in The Princess Bride, except the angel's hair shone green in the lighting.

We RAN down the many many tiny steps from our seats at the end, which, by the way, was quite an accomplishment given the slope of the stairs and the busy pattern of the carpet on the stairs which made it difficult to discern where one stair ended and the next began.  Then we scurried down the 4 flights of stairs from the mezzanine to the main level so we didn't have to wait for the inadequate elevators.  Out the door, and down the myriad steps from the front of the building, past the homeless panhandlers, and through all the traffic that was apparently using Market Street as an alternate to eastbound highway 64 (actually, I have no idea why so many people were going east on Market St. at 8pm on a rainy Sunday night -- it was pretty weird, though, since the rest of downtown seemed fairly deserted).

In retrospect I don't so much feel like I've had an early kickoff to the Christmas season as a sense of relief that those performances are OVER.


KPCL Girl said...

I haven't read you for awhile and this was the perfect piece to get back in the habit of reading all the blogs I subscribe to.

What a stroke of luck on the dry ice source. Lol. Right there with ya.

Freakmom said...

Violet and I have started noticing more things at the theater too, but that's just from being frequent audience members. Like when the actor forgot his dog nose during one scene in Bunnicula, but had it in the next. We wondered if any one else in the audience saw it. :)