Thursday, November 1, 2012

With Catlike Tread

Halloween 2012

Princess Aurora handed out candy at our house...
 The bare feet sort of drove me nuts -- it wasn't THAT warm.

while the Pirates of Penzance roamed the streets of the neighborhood
Vest is Simplicity 3809.  Shirts are from Shakespeare performances last summer, borrowed from the costume shop, as are the swords. I'm pretty sure the eye patch used up all the eye liner in the house.

Early evening version up the street:

Later they added a sword fight at the end.  And did an encore when the 2nd pirate's mom came to pick her up, although the next morning I noticed the 2nd pirate hadn't put the bandana back on her head for this video.

Some people realized that Thalia had left the act.  Others counted the same number of performers as last year and just said something along the lines of, "Oh, I always love it when you show up!"  And still others were new to the neighborhood this year.  Various neighbors recalled fondly the Irish Dance extravaganza, although one was convinced that was last year (that was 2 years ago). 

Mostly I felt sorry for the 3 girls the same age who showed up right after them at a house with no plans to even tell a joke -- the people asked them, "So, are you going to sing?"

New idea: Maybe we should hand out ballots like they do at the Muny, so people could vote on what they want to see next year.

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Ami said...

I love the creativity and excitement, you can tell they're having a blast.

But are they as enthusiastic at the end of the evening as they are at the beginning? I would think they'd get tired.