Saturday, May 4, 2013


We have one more performance to go this afternoon, but here are some peeks at what's been going on:

 I made that giant curtain the bubbles are attached to in the photo above.  The Powers That Be had to really search for a stage with enough fly space for this show, by the way.  The sets are amazing -- and, yeah, they're mostly built by kids.
 This was the part that we discovered that Annabeth could imitate Louis Armstrong. 
In the course of the show we also discovered that she can do a one handed cartwheel while holding a military school brochure. 

Amazing show,  and if you're in town you should come see it.  

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Ami said...

I wish I WERE in town! I would love to see it, it looks amazing.
And have I mentioned how talented you are? Wow.