Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Mostly random photos of the Cat in the Hat, because, why not?

Mayor and Mrs. Mayor discuss issues while Cat snarks behind them:

If you know the musical you sort of know what all of these scenes are, as a matter of fact.

And if you don't know the musical, it's pretty much not going to make much sense regardless of what I say, except that it hits highlights of several books, including Horton Hatches the Egg, as shown below.  A recap of the plot is here

Painting Mayzie's fingernails on Palm Beach.  Cat sounded like a cigarette girl in an old movie, and had the little hat perched on her head.

Dr. Dake by the Lake.  She wanted the doctor to be based on Dr. Hackenbush from the Marx Brothers, but figured few people would get it.

The Cat is often played as rather ditzy.  Annabeth played it as more maniacal, and a rabble rouser who stirs up trouble.  We discussed that this possibility was open to her since she's a relatively small girl -- her facial expressions sometimes bordered on Jack Nicholson in the Shining, but it worked since she's small and had whiskers painted on.  It would've been really disturbing to see a grown man play the part that way.

And we had an actual baby elephant bird, with Mayzie's feathers plus an outfit like Horton's:

Replay of the final bow.  The Things (the stagehands who bring props on and off) all ran out to the middle of the stage carrying her like this:

An absolutely awesome show, and my only complaint is that the place wasn't sold out.

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