Monday, July 15, 2013

As You LIke It

The kids attended Shakespeare camp in June, and put on As You Like it on June 29th.  This is a random sampling of photos.

Thalia (to the left) was Rosalind, which is a whacking huge part to learn within 2 weeks.  She was amazing. Both are wearing new costumes made by me during the camp; Celia is wearing one I made last year.

Annabeth was Touchstone(to the right -- that's Thalia again to the left).  I have no idea what she was doing in the above photo, but we were all quite charmed with it, particularly her facial expression which is visible if you click on the picture to enlarge.

She was peeved about getting the role of Touchstone, but spent her time figuring out who to emulate from the list of British actors she admires.  She sort of wanted to do it in the style of Tom Hiddleston's Loki.

I was quite fond of  watching Phoebe chasing Silvius around with a broom. I made both their costumes, too. Also, a new shirt for Oliver and a vest for Amien, plus pants for Duke Frederick, and some other things I can't recall. I hope we eventually get to the point of having enough clothing for this thing, because all this speed sewing is getting old.
"And I for no man!"

Thalia spent most of the Friday evening before the performance nailing down the epilogue.  Again, Rosalind is a crazy huge part to learn on short notice. Skirt from Scarlet Pimpernel last March.

Final bow.

And I planned to then take picture from the other side of the audience during the second performance, having spent the first performance noting things I really, really wanted to get shots of.  Except it started POURING down rain during the first act.  Alas, we didn't even make it to Jacques speech (All the world's a stage).  It really, really sucked, after all that work.  The kids struck set in the rain, and then a bunch came to our house for a cast party (that semmed about 50/50 cast and other random people).

So, probably their best play yet, but the most distressing performance due to weather.

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Ami said...

What a disappointment after all that work to get hit with rain!! Damn!!

I continue to admire the stuff you make and be jealous of your mad skilz.