Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Camps

We scaled back a bit on the summer camps this year.  We wanted to have time to sleep in, read books, just hang out, maybe even be bored.

Thalia started the summer with Choir Tour, which involves her choir traveling for a week, singing at various locations.  This year they headed north to Michigan and Wisconsin.

At the end of June she had the 2 week Shakespeare camp, which involved putting on As You LIke It.

Right now she's in the Dominican Republic on a mission trip.

Annabeth attended a one week dance intensive.  They worked on ballet, modern, and aerial silks.  I"m pretty sure the silks were her favorite part of the entire affair.

After that she switched over to the Shakespeare camp, attending the second week of that.

And, that's it.

Well, Annabeth is taking private ballet lessons once per week.  And rehearsing once a week for a ballet performance that will take place in November.  But other than that we're footloose and fancy free.  Woohoo!

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