Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Meme Time!

Ami over at Ami.Mental. passed along a meme in which she got to make up the questions herself. I have dutifully answered them, mostly so y'all can see what the questions were and ponder what sort of person would ask THAT. Except it took me several days, and probably everyone else involved finished this last week. So these questions are no longer a surprise. Oh well.

The questions were in purple and the answers in black when I copied and pasted from Ami's blog to my word processor, but Blogger has erased Ami's charming color coding (Ami always colors her blog because she's creative like that). Alas, I'm too lazy to go back and insert the colors.

You see a small kid riding a bike in the street. No helmet. Does that bother you?

No. But seeing tiny kids climbing around in shopping carts in stores drives me batty -- falls from shopping carts are a major source of head injury. I figure it’s the same families doing THAT who later let their kids go without helmets, and it’s natural selection at work.

Someone else read your newspaper before you did and mixed it all up and didn't fold it properly. How do you feel?

Umm, this isn’t an issue for me. As long as I can find the comics I’m okay. I can read the rest of it online if I need to.

You're almost done with the laundry. You're on the last load, which happens to be a load of dark clothes. One of your kids brings in a bunch of white socks. Toss them in with the jeans or put them in the hamper to wash later?

In with the jeans. Are there people who do it the other way? Really? For that matter, do kids ever express interest in the dirty socks strewn about the place, going so far as to pick them up and request they be washed? Really?

You're out shopping with a relative or a friend. You brought a bottle of water, he did not. When you open it and drink some, he wants to have some, too. Do you hand him the bottle and not drink any more out of it yourself? Share it and drink after each other without a second thought?

All my friends and extended family are too prissy to even ask. Immediate family shares without question.

Actually, this came up at a Scouting event -- AnnaBeth had a bottle of water and her friend didn’t. They eventually worked out a way to both get water without having to drink after each other, which was pretty good problem solving. Is there a badge for that?

You're out to dinner with a girlfriend and there's a very famous male celebrity seated just two tables over. What do you do, if anything?

Probably don’t notice unless it’s someone who was famous during the 1970s and he still looks EXACTLY the same. It would help if he was wearing a large sign that said, “Hello, my name is ....” I’m amazingly clueless about stuff like this.

You just found out your 48 year old best friend is pregnant. (oops)
Do you tell her that you're really, really sorry or do you start celebrating immediately and try to make it seem like it's a good thing while inside you're saying 'I am so glad it's not me' ?

Celebrate! Also, is this question a lead in to something you want to tell us, Ami?

If you could plant your whole back yard with flowers, what kinds would you choose?

Wildflowers and weeds.

Do you like chocolate milk?

I don’t drink milk. But there’s a small organic dairy farm with grass-fed cows in Indiana that has amazing chocolate milk; if I found some of THAT around I’d have some.

Are you afraid to shop or pay bills online?

I’d order EVERYTHING online if I could, and never set foot in a store again.

Are you a cat person?
Why or why not?

Okay, I know Ami doesn’t like cats, and therefore am intrigued that she’d include this question.

Yes, I’m a cat person. It seems to be an inborn trait. But through the years the reason I’d give for liking cats has varied. For example, there have been times I’d cite their tendency to snuggle up with you when you’re sick or sad. Right now at this time in my life I’d point out their ability to use a litter box and COVER up the stink, and also their ability to keep themselves clean and relatively odor free even when wet -- weird smells (including animals) have been on my mind a lot lately.

Mostly I like their attitude. They really don’t seem to care what you think about them. Except they can usually pick out the person in the crowd that absolutely does NOT want to be around a cat and thinks cats are stupid animals incapable of thought, and will make a beeline for that person. Hee.

If cats could talk I think they’d say snarky things that would make me laugh.


Bridgett said...

That is so much more fascinating then the standard "what is your favorite ice cream?" kind of meme. I don't know Ami but I think I may do it myself. And your answer to the cat question is right on the mark for me!

Ami said...

"I have dutifully answered them, mostly so y'all can see what the questions were and ponder what sort of person would ask THAT."


I think cats are evil and scary and may be plotting to take over the universe.

My friend N has five cats. And if there is a cat in the room when I show up, it wants to sit on me.

I loved your answers... thanks for playing along. I wasn't sure if you would.